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Fishy Unholy Matrimony

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Marriages that last are often between two, and rarely work well with multiple partners. At least according to my knowledge and understanding. Of these unions, some are forced while others are arranged and all towards one goal - convenience or ‘quid pro quo’ getting the most out of it. At times it could be for financial gain.

On this, whichever way you look at it, the Chinese have mastered such unions in their international trade exploits. One that I saw three weeks ago aroused my curiosity. Simply put, there is some ‘fishy’ union going on in the Tilapia business, and it involves three or more parties.

The packaging on these Tilapia at some leading supermarket outlets tell most of the story if not all of it.

Country of Origin is China, processing is done in Auckland New Zealand, packaging done in Kahawa West, Nairobi by a Chinese Company; Guangdong Shunxin Sea Fishery Group Co., Ltd and Marketed by Farmers Choice

The best part, this expires in January 2023, the photos were taken on August 7th.

On pricing, it sells at an average price of Ksh 950 per kilo or USD $ 8.5.

If you have Tilapia savvy taste buds like I do, you can tell the difference between Asian and African Tilapia.

Have you consumed this and how was your experience? Share your thoughts as you reconsider your vows with the often delicious mouthwatering Tilapia.

Steve Adala

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