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Best App to measure land

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Of all the apps that I have downloaded and tested while out in the field, fingerlator app has ranked top on my list and here are the reasons why:

- It is light, at only 3.6MB from Google Play Store.

- Low latency, works well in rural areas with slow internet connectivity you do not

need to be on 4G and it does not lag.

- You can measure in various units; acres, hectares, feet, meters etc. and convert the same to your desired unit of measurement easily.

- Once done, you can save the image file as JPG and other formats to save on phone or even share on email.

- Pinpoint accuracy. My records at the land registry match with the actual parcels of land measured using this app.

What do you require?

Your android phone and at least to be on 3G network, so Airtel and Safaricom work pretty well. If you have an account on Gmail, download the fingerlator app from Google play store.


Once downloaded, do a dry run of the app before going to the field to familiarize yourself with the settings and units of measure. Save files and images of land area captured.

You are now ready to hit the ground running.

Steve Adala

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